Offers the charm of a small-town feel combined with urban amenities, creating a unique blend of culture, inclusion, and a diverse real estate spectrum.    

Welcome to Wilton Manors, Florida

Nestled in the heart of South Florida, Wilton Manors exudes a unique blend of community warmth, vibrant energy, and accessibility to the best of the region.

Centrally located and just a stone's throw from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Wilton Manors offers effortless access to dynamic cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Delray, Boca Raton, and Miami. Residents enjoy a convenient commute ranging from a brisk 20 minutes to 50 minutes during peak traffic, making it an ideal hub for both work and leisurely exploration.

The city is divided into distinctive neighborhoods, each contributing to the diverse character of the area. From the vibrant street of Wilton Drive to the peaceful residential pockets, Wilton Manors captures the essence of a welcoming and interconnected community.

Diverse housing options, from cozy single-family homes to modern townhouses, provide residents with an array of choices. The city's history, dating back to its incorporation in 1947, adds depth to its character, making it a place where tradition and modernity coexist seamlessly.

What Makes Wilton Manors Stand Out

  • Proximity to renowned destinations like Wilton Drive, known for its vibrant community events and eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.
  • Accessible waterways and parks, providing a serene backdrop for outdoor activities.
  • Convenience to local amenities, including grocery stores, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

Dining and Entertainment

Wilton Manors boasts a lively culinary scene, with Wilton Drive serving as the epicenter of gastronomic delights. Independent markets and grocery stores cater to everyday needs, ensuring residents have convenient access to essentials. The city's entertainment offerings include theaters, vibrant nightlife, and a variety of cultural events throughout the year.

Activities and Attractions

Life in Wilton Manors encourages a balanced blend of urban living and outdoor enjoyment. Parks and waterways offer residents opportunities for relaxation and recreation, while the city's cultural calendar is filled with events ranging from art festivals to community gatherings.


Residents benefit from access to top-rated public schools, private institutions, and charter options. Wilton Manors provides educational opportunities that contribute to the overall growth and development of its diverse community.

Embracing an inclusive atmosphere, Wilton Manors stands as a welcoming haven for individuals and families alike. Its neighborly charm, combined with accessibility to work hubs, renowned schools, and cultural hotspots, creates an inviting lifestyle for those seeking a vibrant South Florida experience.

With a focus on community connections and easy access to the region's offerings, Wilton Manors provides a distinct and appealing living experience in the heart of South Florida.




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