Benefits of Knowing Your Home’s Value Whether You are Staying or Selling


Benefits of knowing your homes value in Fort Lauderdale areaEvery house has an estimated value. A property’s value is always an educated estimate since it changes over time. It depends on the housing market. There are many factors that affect the value of a house but the most influential factor has to be the condition of the house.

There are several benefits of knowing the value of your property. 

Selling a House:

When you plan on selling the house, you certainly should know the value of your house. The net proceeds you gain after selling the house are estimated by subtracting the loan balance minus the final selling cost from the selling price. You most likely know the selling cost and loan balance estimated in your area. The selling price is the only variable that can give you a better idea about the value of your house when you plan on selling in the future.  


Only 75% to 96.5% of the loan can be borrowed against your property depending on the lender and the loan program. You need to be qualified on other metrics to be able to borrow. Equity is an important criterion. The more equity you’re able to have the more you can qualify for better loan terms. The value of your house can allow you to estimate the mortgage you can take for other needs.  

Home Improvements:

Home improvements are necessary to make the house comfortable and prepare it for sale at a higher price. You need to make sure the pricing range of your area and your house is reasonable. If your house is priced at a higher cost than the rest of the houses and on top of that you end up investing a lot on home improvement so a better price can be estimated than you might not be investing for a profit. You might not be able to get a higher ROI if your house is already expensive and you invest double on home improvements. Understanding you’re the value of your neighborhood you live in and your house is the first step in deciding what improvements need to be made

Getting a Line of Credit:

In case, you want to borrow some cash against your home property, you can get a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) as a 2nd mortgage as its perfect for those who have a lower interest rate than the market. You need to have a specific equity level in your house, around 25%, to be able to get a HELOC. Only knowing the right value of your house can allow you to qualify for a HELOC.

Being aware:

Even if you don’t have any plans on selling the house, getting a HELOC or invest in home improvement, you should still be aware of your home value. You never know how situations and plans can change. Being in the know can help you take the right step at the right time whenever needed.


You can always contact the Tom Wolf Team in Fort Lauderdale to analyze and estimate your home value according to the current market.