The Benefits of Living by the Water in Ft Lauderdale



As fall approaches, visions of relaxing by the clear waters and white sand will inevitably start to distract you from everyday life. Thoughts of waking up to the sound of waves hitting the shore can be intoxicating, but ultimately, reality sets in and you think to yourself, “I wish”. Why wish if you could make living by the water your reality?

When searching in Fort Lauderdale for condos for sale, future homeowners tend to let the negatives outweigh the positives, thus preventing them from purchasing their ideal property. Well, to guide you in your decision, below is a brief list of benefits when you are deciding whether or not to buy your dream home by the water.


Living by the water is beneficial for a number reasons, but one of the biggest is rest and relaxation. Constant stress is unhealthy for the mind and body; water induces a sense of calm, in which case the individual expunges negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. Research has shown that the ocean’s ability to reduce stress increases creative activity and compassionate thinking. Not only does the water provide an excellent view, but it also mends a stressful brain.

A Healthier Lifestyle

In addition to maintaining mental health, the geography of coastal paths and beaches have been known to inspire physical activity. The sand and contours of the surface offer a unique resistance when running or weight lifting. It builds and exercises muscles that you would not otherwise engage when doing a typical workout at the gym, especially if you decide to work out barefooted. The coast’s natural, uneven surfaces cause the stabilizers in our feet to be frequently used, thus improving your balance. Subsequently, the resistance from the sand will work your muscles harder, creating a workout that is more efficient in less time. Running on pavement can often be strenuous on the joints in your feet and legs, but coastal plains have less impact. This prevents environmentally-caused injuries such as shin splints. You will have a personal gym waiting for you!

Encourages Outdoor Hobbies

In the city or suburbs, outdoor hobbies have to be planned with a consideration that you will most likely have to travel far to find what you are looking for, be it a trail to hike or water for fishing. When you live by the waterfront, your outdoor hobbies can become everyday activities. Hobbies are meant to be fun activities that we seek because nothing else eliminates daily stress better. Living by the water allows great hiking, fishing, surfing and, of course, boating. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, nothing compares to the sea’s tranquil landscape. Although studies have shown that outdoor activities in general are therapeutic, according to researchers, water based hobbies are far more stress reducing.

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